Transformer Summing

Petrúngaro Transformer Summing Model SM-VIII

Eight Channel Summing Mixer

This is a one-of-a-kind device, because it performs the audio signals summing process through a transformer matrix (one for each input).

Then, a pan pot sets the amount of signal to each channel of the L / R bus.

With its eight inputs and stereo output, this summing mixer can be linked to others and thus enlarging the channel count needed to spread the mix out of the box (DAW), into the analog domain.

The audio output of the SM-VIII can be connected to the NV-II, using it as a stereo master output module, and then back to the DAW or to any other device to record the mix.

Preamplifiers and Summing Mixer Setup

Petrungaro Transformer Microphone Preamplifier Power Supply

The “ideal console” concept comes up as a result of the different combinations that can be made with SM-VIII summing mixers and NV-II preamplifiers.

There are several modules or amplification stages within the structure of a console, such as respective input gain, phantom power, phase, etc.; and respective output level (fader).

Also, there is the signal summing stage, with respective L / R panning controls, to the console's stereo module. Therefore, making use of summing mixers and preamplifiers, the same console scheme can be achieved, with the advantages of channel count customizing, and the possibility to insert outboard gear such as equalizers, compressors and other devices into the signal path.

This results into the idea that each user can configure an ideal console according to his preferences.