Petrungaro Condenser Microphone

Petrúngaro Condenser Microphone

In my more than 30 year-long career path surrounding recording studios, I have observed the taste, preferences and needs that artists, musicians, producers and recording engineers have in the process of making a record.

Having gone through this whole path, from an engineering point of view, and seeing what I consider to be the do's and don'ts in microphone designs, some in which I took part of, and others that I have modified, I found myself in the need to create a microphone designed to reach the majority of sound capture scenarios.

The product resulting of this search is a tube condenser microphone based on the structure of the legendary Neumann U67 (with its particular EF86 pentode) and the combination with its predecessor, the U47, which gives us a warm and deep low end. Meaning that we get a microphone that has the musicality, warmth and versatility provided by the U67, with the added low end from the U47, an overwhelming and subtle formula that makes it a one-of-a-kind tool, that together with its vintage design, conform an exquisite product to capture sounds.

All that's left is to let yourselves be seduced by its presence.


Daniel Petrúngaro

Technical Specifications

Acoustical Operation Principle: Pressure Gradient Transducer
Directional Pattern: Omni / Cardioid / Figure 8
Pad Attenuation: - 10dB
High Pass Filter: 100 Hz
Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity (at 1kHz): 15 / 24 / 16 mV/Pa (+/- 1,5)
Output Impedance: 200 ohms
Max SPL: 115 dB
Max Output Voltaje: 250mV
Type of Vacuum Tube: Pentode EF 86
Plate Voltage: +210V (+/- 2%)
Plate Current: 1mA (approx.)
Heater Voltage: -6.3V (+/- 2%)
Heater Current: 200mA (approx.)
Operating Temperature: 45° (approx.)
Tube Warm Up Time: 4 min. (approx.)
Dimensions (body only): 198mm x 85mm x 60mm
Weight (mic): 1,1kg

In the box

Complete Kit: Mic, power supply, interlock, 4m XLR cable and wood box
Dimensions (box): 395mm x 335mm x 120mm
Weight (box): 5,2kg


Outstanding international artists choose this microphone to make their productions, these are some of them.